Check-list for a perfect mountain bike excursion

So that your tour becomes an experience

If you want to undertake an unforgettable mountain bike tour, do not forget..


  • Spare clothes (suitable for the season)
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Protein bars
  • Backpack
  • Digital camera
  • Money for a snack in the mountain huts

Your mountain bike guide will always carry first aid tools, but everyone should have a kit for small reparations and:

  • Spare inner tube
  • Repair-kit for inner tube
  • First-aid kit

If your bike maintenance is impeccable, your mountain bike excursion will be un unforgettable experience. That's why, before every start, it is mandatory to make a quick and professional check of your bike:

  • Is the quick mechanism of the running wheels working well?
  • Are the spokes regularly tightened?
  • Test the tire pressure and look for any damage or cuts
  • Check the elastic spring elements
  • Check the screw connections on the handlebar, seat and seatpost
  • Check the brakes with particular attention: they should work perfectly and not have any air in the system
  • Fix the shifting system and check the chain
  • Check the frame for dents and scratches

If you identify some defect, please go and see a specialized shop to correct all findings.

Liability and safety
Every participant acts at his own risk. Who attends technical courses, tours or events has to hold a valid accident insurance, which covers eventual consequences of an accident. Further it is mandatory to be insured against liability.

All our mountain bike guides are insured against liability.
The participants will follow the instructions given by our mountain bike guide, in order to keep the group safe. Every participant is co-responsible of a save performance of the excursion and should be aware of the undertaken risks.
All participants have to be over 18 years; younger participants have to be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.